Filming the Wooden Dummy Instructional Video

I’ve finally freed up my schedule to film the wooden dummy instructional video. A lot of guys have been asking about it – and I appreciate their patience.

It’s not as simple as the other videos since there are multiple angles (not just two) that you have to show in the video to help people learn.

Since this is an instructional video in the same vein as my other videos, you can’t just show the form and assume people will learn from it. You have to show it from multiple angles with different color wrist bands AND different colored dummy arms. You also have to show the detailed footwork as well.

Thankfully I have some of the best students out there that are willing to help me design a dummy to do this! I’ve included some pics below and will keep you updated! If you’d like advance notice of when the video is ready for download sign up for my Sifu Chuck newsletter here!