How To Find A Good Wing Chun Teacher

5 Key Questions To Ask When Looking for a Quality Instructor


Sifu-Chuck-with-Sifu-Chan-2Looking for a good Wing Chun teacher? How do you know if you’re actually learning effective Wing Chun from a quality instructor?

There are lots of guys out there teaching Wing Chun – and some of them aren’t even genuine Sifus – just a lot of smoke and mirrors marketing with third-rate wing chun.

When you go to learn Wing Chun, you don’t want to learn from just anyone claiming to be a “Wing Chun expert”.

You want to learn from someone who has the experience, skill and knowledge to teach you effective, REAL Wing Chun.

A lot of my online students unfortunately can’t train with me in person since they are not in the Toronto, Canada vicinity. So they ask me for tips on finding a good instructor in their area.

To this end, here are 5 questions to ask yourself when searching for a quality Wing Chun instructor:

#1 Do they disclose their Wing Chun training lineage?


It’s important that you can follow and verify their training lineage. This way you can easily contact their instructor to confirm that they are qualified to teach you.

It also means the chances are higher that this person has legitimate skills since they’re not trying to hide anything. And since different lines tend to have slight differences in their forms, drills, etc. you have a better chance of finding a style that you like.


#2 Do they have several years of experience teaching?


Look for someone who has a decent number of students with several years experience training. Anyone can teach out of their garage for a month and then close up shop.

But someone with several years experience is more likely to be more professional, trustworthy and have students that are willing to keep coming back because they like what they’re learning.


#3 What are his (or her) certifications?


Does this person have anything in the way of certification? For example, in addition to being a Sifu (which is an obvious certification you’ll want to look for), maybe they are certified (or train regularly) in another art.

If so, this will definitely spill over into their teaching to you – and you will benefit. For example, I use a lot of the knowledge I picked up in my bodyguard certification course to teach my guys about gun disarms and self defense.

As a certified personal trainer, it also helps me to make sure my guys aren’t doing a move the wrong way which could get them injured.


#4 Will they let you check out a class before signing up?


This is crucial. You should be able to ‘try before you buy’ to make sure the style of class is right for you. You should never be pressured to sign up for classes. If you are – run the other way.


#5 Can you ask questions?


To a good instructor, no question is ever a dumb question. As a student you will have many questions – and you should be able to ask them.

Now sometimes, for the sake the the class unity, you may be asked to leave your questions until after the class, which is fine. But you should never be made to feel stupid just for having questions. That’s the sign of an arrogant, poor quality instructor.

So those are 5 questions to ask in order to find a good Sifu. Keep them in mind when looking around and you’re bound to find someone you feel comfortable with – someone who will teach you quality Wing Chun and push you to reach new highs with your training.

Good luck!

Sifu Chuck


3 thoughts on “How To Find A Good Wing Chun Teacher

  1. Sifu Chuck,

    I am strongly considering Wing Chun here in VA. However, I am having the darnest time verifying the Sifu here is a true Sifu of Wing Chun and who taught him. No disrespect to the instructor but i want to verify who is teaching me and i cant. Is there a website or number to call that i can look him up on? Doing a google search is turning up nothing.

    • Some of the challenges is to be able to verify instructors. Some will register with various organization VTAA (in Hong Kong) for example. Some will list themselves on . But all these are not mandatory. Sometimes you need to go and see them, ask them respectfully what line they are from, who their teacher was. Also I strongly recommend you watch a class. See if their teaching style is good for you, and if what they are teaching lines up more with what you expecting.

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