Martial Arts Training

Wing Chun Kung Fu and Sifu Chuck

As the original founder of Revolution Wing Chun based in Toronto, Ontario – Sifu Chuck has been teaching the hand-to-hand self defense art of Wing Chun Kung Fu since 2004.



He has produced several popular instructional videos which are available online for download



Sifu Chuck is a third generation of the Great Wing Chun Grandmaster Ip Man (Yip Man) and is proud to pass on the Ving Tsun tradition as taught to him by Grandmaster Chan. His Wing Chun lineage is as follows:


Grandmaster Yip Man taught Grandmaster Moy Yat.


Grandmaster Moy Yat taught Grandmaster Nelson Chan.

Grandmaster Nelson Chan taught Chuck O’Neill (Chan Cheuk Yiu):


“Sifu Chuck is my student, and I would encourage anyone to learn Wing Chun from him” – Sifu Nelson Chan,

Sifu Chuck has also had the pleasure of training at the Inosanto Academy, and privately with his Wing Chun SiBok (Uncle) Gary Lam in California and is Currently a level 3 student in the Gary Lam System.



Other Training

Sifu Chuck also has over 25 years experience training in other martial arts styles including Tae Kwon Do, Filipino Kali Stick Fighting, Jeet Kune Do, Kosho Ryu Kenpo, Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and World War 2 Combatives.



He is also  currently a 2 stripe Purple Belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu and is always looking for ways to further his training in martial arts.



In addition to Martial Arts training he is also a former CDT/LRT Master Tactical Instructor (through Tom Patire Group) and a Former ITC Certified Advanced Executive and Close Quarter Protection Specialist (Bodyguard) through the International Training Commission.

He has provided Executive Protection to UFC fighters Chuck Liddell and Heath Herring at events.



Chuck has also worked at a Use of Force/Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Control Institute which provides training to Special Constables in Toronto, Canada.

Sifu Chuck regularly instructs students on a wide range of defense tactics from Filipino stick fighting to proper knife and gun disarm tactics.

He currently teaches private classes (not open to the public) to the stunt performers and trainees at Phantom Stunts in Malta.



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