Private Training

Get One-on-One Training In Wing Chun or Self Defense

Looking for private, one-on-one Wing Chun instruction?

Want to learn Self-Defense in a private setting?

Want private instruction designed to move you faster towards your goals?

We offer private Wing Chun and/or Self-Defense instruction (schedule permitting) for men or women 18 years and older.

(See below for a list of topics you can choose to cover).

Your private training can be in a club setting or (under certain conditions) in your own home gym, or outdoors (weather permitting).

To schedule or ask about private Self Defense or Wing Chun training sessions Contact us here.

Advantages of Private Training:

Taking private Wing Chun Training or Self-Defense Instruction can give you several advantages:

  • Progress faster in your Wing Chun training
  • Learn quick, effective self-defense techniques tailored to your skill and fitness level
  • Work on a specific subject of your choice (i.e. Chi Sau, Footwork, Stick Work, Gun Disarms, Knife Defense, etc.)
  • Learn Wing Chun in private – even if you don’t have time to attend classes
  • Train at your own pace in an environment where you feel most comfortable
  • Get one-on-one focused help and instruction based on your unique training goals

What Can I Learn in My Private Training Sessions?

  • Wing Chun Forms – Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Ji
  • Wooden Dummy Form (Muk Yan Jong)
  • Luk Dim Boon Kwan (Six and half Point Long Pole form)*
  • Baat Cham Doa (Eight Slashing Knife Form)*
  • Chi Sau (Sticky Hands)
  • Functional Fitness Conditioning
  • Wing Chun Weapons*
  • Chinese Kick-Boxing
  • Defense against Multiple Attackers
  • Stress Inoculation
  • Psychological Self-Defense & Building Mental Toughness
  • Wing Chun Principles, History and Culture
  • Filipino Stick work (Kali/Escrima)

* Available only to Active Revolution Wing Chun members at that current level.

What Can I Expect from Private Sessions?

You will get private training that is uniquely tailored to your needs and personal training goals. Many people find that private training helps the progress faster in their learning.

Some people do not have time to attend weekly classes but still want to learn Wing Chun. Others want to learn Self-Defense or Defensive Tactics but don’t have time to learn a martial art.

There is no conditioning or warm up during a private session – just a focus on forms, training, techniques,  etc. Each session is one hour in length.

To schedule a time for private classes Contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Sessions

Do I Need to Have a Martial Arts Background?

Absolutely not. While a Martial Arts background can be helpful in certain circumstances, we find that sometimes, those with no background actually find it easier to learn the concepts since they have no preconceived notions of what they “should be doing”.

Do I Need To Be In Good Shape For Private Training?

No.  Each session is tailored to go at YOUR preferred pace. (However if you are interested in getting in shape, learning a martial art like Wing Chun is a great way to do it. Martial arts are fun, and can be a great mental workout as well as a physical one!)

How Many Private Sessions Do I Need?

That is completely up to you and your goals. Some people want a one-time session (to get some quick self defense moves or prepare for an upcoming grading). Others want to stay sharp and/or move through the Wing Chun system faster by taking regular private sessions until they reach their goal.

What Should I Wear to My Private Session?

For the first class, you can wear a t-shirt, athletic pants (or track pants), non-marking soft soled indoor shoes or bare feet.

To schedule or ask about private Self Defense or Wing Chun training sessions Contact us here.