Testimonials From Our Students:






“A system for self defense, confidence, friendship, and family are just a few things I have received from Sifu Chuck O’Neill and his Wing Chun students at Revolution Wing Chun Kung Fu.

When I first called Sifu Chuck O’Neill to set up a trial lesson I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had no previous martial arts background, but knew I wanted to learn something.I investigated a lot of the local martial arts clubs in the KW area with an open mind to find what would be right for me.

At my trial lesson, not only did Sifu Chuck already embrace me and my friend as one of his students, but his students were the friendliest I had come across from any school I had been to. They were quick and eager to help me perform the techniques, very welcoming and even now are some of the best people I have ever met.

I believe they are that way because Chuck feels that we are a family and promotes a family atmosphere. Shortly after my trial lesson I signed up for my first 6 months and I will continue to re-new my membership.

Sifu Chuck O’Neill is very professional, incredibly knowledgeable, and puts practical application into our training, and makes it fun. He encourages us to ask the question “Why?” so we can fully understand the principles he is teaching us. Even though Wing Chun is considered a traditional martial arts system, Sifu shows us how to adopt it to more modern circumstances.

These and his passion for the art are some reasons why I consider Sifu Chuck O’Neill to be the best instructor out there. Thank you Sifu, for everything so far and everything yet to come.”

Paul K., Kitchener, ON




“I have had the privilege to train under Sifu Chuck O’Neill in the art of Wing Chun and have found him an excellent instructor. He not only knows the art but is himself skilled in this Martial Art.

He gives great attention to the details of each form and its application. Sifu Chuck makes every attempt to perfect movements even in the early stages of training cutting down on the need for later corrections and thus speeding up the training process.

I would not hesitate to encourage anyone seeking training as a Martial Artist to include this teacher and trainer into their schedule.”

Wayne H., Chaplain, Guelph, Ontario




“These classes are the best martial arts training I’ve ever received, thanks to great instruction by Sifu Chuck O’Neill. Students are encouraged to ask questions, and always get a good explanation for the reasoning behind the finer details of the system.

Appropriately, a great deal of attention is paid to basics. More advanced training drills are introduced once the foundation has been laid. <

Classes are relaxed and enjoyable, but students take things seriously. Workouts always push students to improvement. Students help one another, and there is a real family-like environment. I would not hesitate to recommend the school to anyone.”

Dan Sich, Kitchener, ON





“I’m writing to highly recommend Sifu Chuck O’Neill to anyone, young or old, who is looking for a martial arts instructor with both outstanding skill and character.

This past summer was our church’s first attempt at offering a summer camp for martial arts. For the last eleven years we’ve sought to bring a tangible blessing to our neighbors by offering a summer camp experience for children (8-14yrs) that offers a high caliber of training, while maintaining a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

In our search for a martial arts instructor who could deliver this kind of training and work with us to deliver the camp experience we sought for we were directed to Sifu Chuck O’Neil through one of his own students.

As a former martial arts practitioner I was immediately impressed by Chuck’s long list of credential’s, but more so by his character. His friendly, energetic and humble demeanor made it a joy for our volunteers to work with him and made him highly approachable to the students he trained.

The caliber of teaching was superb and yet still balanced with a healthy sensitivity to the needs and attention spans of young children. Both the students and I were thankful to have him as our instructor and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Rev. Jason Hagen, Student Ministries Director, Morningstar Christian Fellowship


Sifu Chuck Kids camp


“Sifu O’Neill is a great teacher who adapts his teachings effortlessly to all skill levels and different personalities. I hope to enjoy his teachings for a long time to come.”

Onno V.Santen, Guelph, ON



“For someone who has never taken martial arts before, this has been a really positive experience for me. I had no idea what to expect when I first started and was nervous about feeling intimidated by experienced members.

I have never felt intimidated – only encouraged and I think it is because you do a lot to promote a climate of respect.

In this environment, I can focus on improving my own skills while still tapping into the expertise of others.”

Christy S., Waterloo ON



“I’ve studied with several martial arts instructors over the years, and Sifu Chuck is the friendliest and most approachable of the bunch. He’s also very knowledgeable, and a deft instructor.”

Shantell P., Mississauga, ON





“[Sifu Chuck]  I have to thank you for your help. In a very short time frame you were able to assist me in building my upper body and core strength.

You made the personal training sessions fun, unique and also challenging. You did a fantastic job in personalizing each session on my weaknesses and introducing new and practical exercises each time.

I believe these training sessions gave me the edge that allowed me to out perform men and women that are 10 years my junior in a recent physical performance test.

Sharon B., Kitchener, ON



“Regardless of what system one wants to study, it is only as good as it’s instructor. It is very hard to find a good teacher, one who teaches for the love of the art and is willing to not hold you back.

Sifu Chuck O’Neill is such an instructor, he is one who gives whole heartily his knowledge, experience and expertise. He has developed a teaching style that allows the practitioner to advance ones skill sets quickly if one desires.

I am amazed in what Sifu Chuck’s teaching style has done for my practice. He has awakened my perception even in the other arts that I have studied in the past. This system and how Sifu teaches continues to amaze me… I always look forward to the next class of Wing Chun. Thank you!”

Rick B., Kitchener, ON




“Since joining the Wing Chun program at Revolution Wing Chun Kung Fu, my expectations of the club and class have been met and surpassed.

I have been continually impressed with the curriculum, depth of knowledge and professionalism demonstrated by the instructor.

Sifu Chuck has been able to create an atmosphere that is friendly and safe, allowing each student to be challenged and grow as individuals.”

Brandi Mors, Oakville, ON



“Already having a lengthy martial arts background, discovering Wing Chun was a pleasant surprise.

Wing Chun in and of itself is interesting, practical, and smart. With every class I find myself discovering more and more about myself and the martial arts.

Particularly my martial art. Sifu O’Neill is very knowledgeable and insightful, he and his students create a positive working, learning environment. It makes for a lot of fun.”

Bob A., Mississauga, ON


revolution wing chun toronto


“I have been training under Sifu Chuck O’Neill for over half a year and have found it to be a great physical and enlightening experience that has really has made an impact on my life.

Sifu Chuck is great and positive instructor with a personality that is energetic and unique to say the least, he explains the concepts of wing chun with great clarity so that anyone from a variety of martial arts or none can grasp and learn the secrets of Wing chun.

I have been doing Mixed Martial Arts and Wing Chun for awhile now and can positively say that Wing Chun is a great martial art with simple and effective concepts. I have had a lot of fun training with Sifu and the people I have made friends with there definitely have heightened my experiences. My only regret is I didn’t start this experience years ago.”

Brock Trohahn, Kitchener, ON





“Sifu Chuck O’Neill is one of the most talented martial arts instructors I’ve met. He knows his stuff and will help you progress quickly to your goals.”

Guro Ash Tamachi, Tamachi Style Arnis Maro Mari




“I am just finishing my first month of Wing Chun training under Sifu Chuck O’Neill and feel truly blessed to now have the guidance of this gifted teacher.

While I have only just begun my journey in martial arts, I have a sense of pride and accomplishment that radiates into all the other parts of my life.

Sifu Chuck and my fellow students have made me welcome and exemplify the principles of respect, compassion and kindness. It has been my pleasure to train with them and I look forward to my next class. Thank you Sifu.”

Anya N., Markham, ON





“My experience at Revolution Wing Chun Kung Fu has been an excellent one. I’ve studied different arts and I have gone to many different schools, but this one is, by far, the best.

Sifu Chuck has greatly helped me to grow spiritually and mentally as a martial artist and as a person. He has a great understanding of the martial arts in its application in combat and its philosophy in life, as well as providing a safe and fun environment to learn.”

Dan Siswanto, Toronto, ON





“I’ve had the opportunity to work with several talented martial artists over the years, but Sifu Chuck has provided the most rewarding experience thus far.

Sifu Chuck’s passion, knowledge and commitment to teach is second to none. Sifu not only offers the what and how…but most importantly the -why- of wing chun, jeet kune do, RAT or any other discipline he has crafted over the years.

In my view, the practical understanding of ‘when’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ keeps me deeply engaged and I truly look forward to the many years to come under Sifu Chuck’s guidance.”

Malcom S., Kitchener, ON



“After about 7 years of Martial arts training I have had a few teachers. I must say that Sifu Chuck is the best have come in contact with. He doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to knowledge of the martial arts he teaches, and he definitely knows his stuff.

The small things that most instructors leave out are the things that amaze me the most. From where you lay your focus for stability, to how you deliver power when punching. The way he is able to explain things is second to none.

If at first you don’t get what he is explaining, he will find a way. Not only is he a good teacher he is also a good man. From the very start he made me and my girlfriend feel like we were joining a family and the other people in the classes did the very same.

If you come to learn from Sifu Chuck you will realize there is nowhere else for to go.”

Joe Landry, WestBank, BC





“Before meeting Sifu Chuck O’Neill, I had basically no background in any martial art. However, even with no prior exposure, I have no doubt that I have encountered one of the best instructors that I will ever meet.

Sifu Chuck has a unique ability to effectively teach any person, at any skill level. He has a well-developed ability to communicate to each student in a way that relates to him or her personally. His knowledge of, and passion for, his art is evident, and Sifu passes on his excitement for Wing Chun to each of us that he teaches.

Through repeated, varied examples, colorful anecdotes, and application to real-life scenarios, Sifu ensures that each student fully understands each concept taught. While there are strong undertones of tradition and formality, I find his classes to be extremely fun, with lots of laughs, and I look forward to going (several times) each week.

Thanks for welcoming us so warmly into your family, Sifu, and thanks for your friendship.”

Tara Ricketts, WestBank, BC





“Sifu” – translated from Chinese means master, teacher, tutor, father. Sifu Chuck has always described his kwoon (hall of training) and our group as a family unit and it really is.

Apart from all training together we have had many outings and celebrations as a family. Christmas, birthdays and visiting his Sifu in Toronto just to name a few. We have a great and diverse family. Most come from and have studied other martial arts. Most, including myself would say they have had great martial arts instructors.

Sifu Chuck is that and more. His enthusiasm and love for martial arts definitely shines and if you love the martial arts he will make you love them even more. I’m certainly not the most experienced martial artist at our club. I am the most senior student and have been with and known Sifu Chuck since he came to Heritage Martial Arts in late 2006

In that time my fitness, esteem and love for Wing Chun has only grown. Thanks for everything Sifu. Keep up the great work.”

Dan Dickinson, Kitchener, ON




“Thanks for the teaching, training and encouragement over the past 16 months, truthfully, without your informal teaching method and friendly atmosphere you create in your class, I would probably have not lasted.

Thank you again and looking forward to continuing learning and training with you and my Wing Chun Family.”

Paul M., Markham, ON


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Here’s What People Are Saying About Sifu Chuck’s Wing Chun Training Videos:



“Hey Sifu Chuck, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve recently bought two of your videos, Chi Sau 1 + 2. As a matter of fact, I just finished watching the first video and I have to say that you do a great job explaining each drill.

I especially like that you introduce, review, and add a final key point. I also learned a lot from the last few drills (Jip Sau/Jup Sao) because in my classes, we never done anything like that and looking back I feel like I could have benefited and accelerated my Chi Sao training.” – Edgar Ong, New York




“Dear Sifu Chuck… Your videos have some of the clearest explanations of Wing Chun (and I’ve seen many), in addition to providing a clear, simple, and minimalistic progression of drills, which is often hard to find…Many thanks, and congratulations again on your work”. – Joseph Won


“Dear Sifu, I just wanted to say thank you for your videos and answering my questions when I had one. Me and my dad found a place that teaches Wing Chun in our town. We quickly found out that learning from you has boosted us up in the class.

If it wasn’t for you and the way you teach we wouldn’t be where were at. I think your understanding of the art and teaching is far above any one we have seen. We are so thankful that we found your site.” – Michael Lewis, Texas




“I was interested in learning at least the basics of Wing Chun but, I travel extensively for work which makes it almost impossible to participate in instructor lead training. T

hough I was prepared to be disappointed, I purchased the Sil Lim Tau and Chi Sau videos. I found them to be extremely well presented and very easy to follow with lots of repetition and explanation… I couldn’t be happier. Thanks…. – Tom Purlman




“I really appreciate you making something like this available; after learning the first Sim Lim Tao form from you, picking this second video up [Chum Kiu] was a no-brainer!

I’ve taken live classes, but the instructors were always too busy to offer individual form critique, which I find more important than simply striking in combinations;

your videos give me the opportunity to repeat forms over and over while you explain the details of why and how.

Best of all, if there’s something I don’t understand, you’ve been very generous at replying to my questions. Thank you so much! ”

Jon Anderson





“[The Sil Lim Tao Form Video] is great, it helped me to notice my mistakes and improve my form, especially with my foot work.

So easy to follow at a great pace, love the close up view and different angles! I’ve purchased the whole series for my brother who’s been practicing Wing Chung in the UK for four years and he’s impressed.”

Ferah C., Kitchener


“The First video (Sil Lim Tao Form) was so well thought out and taught, that I decided that I must have the other videos. ”

Bob Bentley




“I just bought your new dvd, Chum Kiu form. I already own Sil Lim Tao, form and drills videos. This new video, like the other ones, is a real joy to learn from!

The technical solutions are even one notch up, featuring two simultaneous angles. I have had 2 equally good teachers before during my martial arts studies, but they were teaching LIVE: Wu Dong and Gong Wenmin of the Beijing Sports University. The fact that Sifu Chuck masters the art of personal teaching on video is just amazing!”

Audun T., Norway




“As a new student of Wing Chun I am finding the Sil Lim Tao video an invaluable asset to my training.

The form is explained in detail and demonstrated from different angles so I can see the full range of motion for each move. It’s like having a private lesson with my Sifu!” – Jim P., Kitchener, ON


“I am considering taking a formal Wing Chun class. This (video) gives a great ‘walk thru’ for the newbie. It allows me to get step by step training on the basics of Sil Lum Tao” – Ricky Furukawa, Santa Cruz, California


“I have been learning wing chun from Sifu Chuck for nearly one year now and find his dvd’s most helpful and benefited from them, and I have been doing the wooden dummy form video for 7 months now and learned a lot, I enjoy doing wing chun and I’m grateful to have a teacher like Sifu Chuck to learn from.” – Jim Mackinnon, Waterloo, ON