Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form Video is Now Available!

Wooden Dummy Form Video TrainingGreat news – for those of you who have been looking for a way to learn the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy form from home, my instructional downloadable video is now available from my Learn Wing Chun Online site here.

There’s so much information in here that I had to split it into a 2-video series. You get multiple angles and even detailed shots of the footwork to make it easy for you to learn at home.

You’ll also learn the common mistakes to avoid that many first time students make. I’ve also included the rarely seen “Empty Dummy” Form on these videos – so you don’t even need a wooden dummy to train the form.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Video Training

My main goal with these videos is to help you learn – which is why I spent several months and a lot of frustration trying to get this right. I really believe this video will help you learn the Wooden Dummy form like no other video training out there!

You can watch a free video sample of this video series here.

As with all of my downloadable videos, you can download it to your computer within minutes – and then it’s yours for life.

You don’t need internet access to watch it. You don’t need to join a membership site and stream it. You download it once and enjoy it forever! Please enjoy – and send me an email as I always love getting feedback from my online students!

– Sifu Chuck